Our History

Manometer Preiss EMPEO GmbH

Establishment of Manometer Preiss with the company label EMPEO in Oberlungwitz, Saxony.

Due to the war, EMPEO is relocated to Bonn. With the help of friendly companies, three new production facilities are built and continued to operate. With over 200 employees, EMPEO produces more than two million pressure gauges annually. The focus is on welding technology and standard manometers.

Takeover by the founder’s daughter and her husband. During this time, new product lines such as glycerine, diaphragm, precision pressure gauges, etc. are developed.

In December, the Bondza couple took over EMPEO, who until then had been running the „KBM-Messgeräte“ company and had previously been employed by EMPEO.

At the beginning of the year, EMPEO will be handed over to Andreas Bondza. Before that, he worked for 15 years as production manager at EMPEO. The production facility is currently located in Sankt Augustin, where almost all the required parts are manufactured in-house.